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About Wayne Sutton & The Wealthy Coach™
Are you a natural-born live coach? Here’s how to know…

👉 Friends, family, and even strangers come to you for advice, even if you struggle to have the answers to your own problems.  

👉 You LOVE helping people, and feel great after giving back to your community. 

👉 You’re fed up with working a traditional 9-5, and missing precious moments at home with the kids.

And most importantly,

👉 You want to create your OWN business, and finally get recognition for who you are.

My name is Wayne Sutton, and I’ve trained live coaches from all over the world. 
And if any of this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place! 

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☑️   Position themselves as EXPERTS in their fields, so that clients start to reach out to THEM!

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I’ve transformed over 780+ coaching businesses from all around the world. - And I can’t wait to help yours! 

Wayne Sutton