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Wayne Sutton, Founder

Wayne is the founder of SLPD and has built successful teams in all parts of the world... Now, he will go to work for you!
Are You Ready For a Real Downline... In Just Hours?
98% of MLM'ers fail because they can't build a team... That Ends For You... NOW!
Grab your free position in our pre-launch and we'll build you a real downline of real people... within just hours from now!
Secret #1: Dead Downlines Don't Lie!
Discover why MLM is different now than EVER before... and why the 'old techniques' are destroying your chance of going full-time....
Secret #2: How To Build A Growing Team On Auto-Pilot!
Imagine a team that simply replicates... bigger volume, bigger teams, and BIGGER bonus checks for you and everyone in your team!
Secret #3: The True Secret Behind Social Media & Recruiting Superstar Leaders!
Does FaceBook, Instagram really work today? Learn the YES and the NO - the truth about building a full-time business with just your cellphone!
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